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About Us

About Us

Floridian Real Estate Group researches and analyzes on and off-market land and properties for investors to build and purchase existing spec homes. Our company utilizes its industry experience spanning over the past two decades and our superior understanding of the economic cycles of the market. We’ve already helped hundreds of investors and homeowners through this process and now we’d like to help you.

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Meet Our Owner

Nate Trombetti

Nathan Trombetti is one of Floridian Real Estate Group’s Managing Partners and has worked in the commercial and residential real estate industry for over the past two decades. Nathan is a Southwest Florida native, born and raised in Fort Myers. Upon graduating from Cypress Lake High School, Nathan attended college at the University of Central Florida where he graduated in 1995 with a bachelor’s degree.

After leaving college Nathan pursued a career working in sales of oncolytic pharmaceuticals for Priority Healthcare, a nationwide provider of well-being services. Here, Nathan quickly excelled in sales and decided to take his advanced entrepreneurial skills and apply them to the real estate market.

In 2000, Nathan received his real estate broker license and immediately began working in residential development purchasing and flipping homes, which he continues to do to this day.

All the while, Nathan also co-developed and operated the lending company Secured Investment Lending, which provides financing to real estate investors who buy, fix, and sell investment property. In addition to providing new construction financing to builders in need of bridge financing for specs and presales since 2009.

Nathan is also an owner of a Secured Roofing & Restoration, a Central Florida Tuffy Tire & Auto Center franchise, Seminole Kids Academy, Secured Insurance Group, and Secured Dock Builders— in addition to several other spec homes, which Nathan built as investment properties.

In his career Nathan has taken his advanced real estate techniques and shared them nationally by speaking at countless real estate investor clubs and by hosting seminars on forward-thinking practices in the real estate industry.

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